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Top Business Networking Groups

Business networking groups and online forums can be an effective way to get your marketing message out to other small business owners. In South Africa, there are a number of groups which meet regularly. All of the groups have some form of online presence. They generally require you to create a user profile so that…

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Google Places Citations in South Africa

IdealMedia Google Place Page

The ranking of business listings in the Google Places and Google Maps results is partly determined by the number and quality of citations and reviews for the business. Citations are rather like backlinks, but include the business’ Name, Address and Phone number – the so-called ‘NAP’ information. Any business directory which includes these three pieces…

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Is Your Website Profitable?

IdealMedia Website Profitability Checklist

How profitable is your website? How many leads does it generate every month? Do you follow up with your website visitors? The IdealMedia Online Profitability Checklist was developed to help you find areas where you can improve your website’s profitability. You can download the checklist – for free -? by clicking on the link below.…

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Video Marketing in Johannesburg

Massive increases in the availability of Internet bandwidth, along with realistic pricing, have made video one of the most popular forms of content online – at least for anyone in a first-world country. Here in Johannesburg, we still struggle with high prices and slow speeds. But things are steadily getting better. I look forward to…

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Local Search For South African Businesses

Google Places Marker

Local search marketing, or local search engine optimization, is simply the process of getting your business found when people in your local area are searching for your product or service. It's a little different from traditional search engine optimization, because Google, in particular, has some built-in local search features which can make it much easier…

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Top Search Engine Optimization Tips

Here are 4 of the top search engine optimization techniques used by SEO experts to get their clients’ websites onto the first pages of the search engine results. The tips I discuss in this post are on-page techniques – in other words, they are under your control. If your keyword phrase doesn’t appear on a…

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Free Website Consultation

Are you making sales through your website? Many business owners I’ve spoken to are disappointed by the performance of their company website. It may look terrific, but they don’t get as many visitors as they would like, or the visitors they get are not phoning or contacting them. To help you understand why your website…

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How To Block Facebook Applications

Facebook Applications can be very useful. NetworkedBlogs, for example, automatically re-publishes my blog posts on my Facebook Wall. But there are dozens of applications which are.. shall we say… less useful. If you’re using Facebook for business, you might feel that having your friends’ Farmville, Mafia Wars and Happy Pets plastered all over your News…

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Choosing The Right Category For Your Facebook Page

When you create a Facebook Page, Facebook asks you to choose a category. The page category shows up in Facebook’s search results, so it’s important to get it right. Many people have had a nasty surprise when they discover that Facebook doesn’t (currently) allow you to change the category once the page has been created.…

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