How to Increase Your Profits Without Spending More Money On Advertising

Do you have a way to consistently communicate with your prospects and customers? Creating an email newsletter or ezine is an extremely cost-effective way to remind people about your company and your products. The US Direct Marketing Association estimates that permission-based email marketing provides a return on investment (ROI) of over 4500%. In other words, …

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Web Design Mistakes: Splash Pages

What’s the first thing you see when you go to Amazon.com? Is it… a splash page? (You know what a splash page is. It’s a web page that appears before you get to the real home page of a website. It’s usually accompanied by a link like: “Click here to skip the intro”.) Some splash …

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Website Building Blocks

There are a number of ways to build a website. You can enter HTML code directly into a text editor like NotePad, then upload the files to your web server. Many people prefer to do it this way, because they retain the most control over their site. Of course, you need to be very familiar …

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How To Get Your Site Indexed By Google

The Google index is like a card catalogue of websites

One of the first steps towards getting traffic to your website is to get it indexed by the major search engines – Google and Bing. Being indexed means that your domain name, or your home page, appears in the list of websites that the search engine knows about. It doesn’t mean that your site will …

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Search Engine Submission

Some of the top web marketing companies in South Africa offer to submit your website to a huge number of search engines – like 2,000 or more. Does this actually work? There are actually only 3 search engines which are of any importance – Google, Yahoo and MSN. Together, these 3 get around 95% of …

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Keyword selection

Unless your prospective customer already knows who you are – think Ford, Vodacom and Coca-Cola – he or she won’t be looking for your company by name. They’ll be typing words into a search engine, like ‘plumber in Johannesburg’ or ‘Rondebosch locksmith’. The search engine will return a page showing the best results it can …

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