Business Profit Leaks – #1: Not Making the Most of Your Contact List

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Not Making the Most of Your Contact List

In today’s market, many business owners are scrambling for sales to keep their doors open. Building a list of people who buy from you, who access your website, or who call you for information is a good way to do that.


Building a list allows you to easily reach an audience that is already aware of your establishment. Just having the list, however, is not enough. Properly following up with the list is where the money comes in.


Offer free newsletters, contests, tips, or any other incentives to get your customers to give you their contact information – especially their email addresses.

Once you have their email addresses, you can follow up with them on auto-pilot. You can do customer surveys, offer coupons and discounts, and also run promotional offers to increase repeat sales.


Doing email marketing is ecologically sound and cost effective. It eliminates the need to create mountains of paper mail that ultimately ends up in your customers’ trash rather than generating more sales.


Email also reaches your potential customers on their desktop and will be waiting there for them when they log in. They opted in to receive your promotions, so this is a “permission-based” form of marketing that will help take your profits to the next level if done right.


Building a “mobile” contact list is another extremely profitable form of marketing, which we will discuss in a later article.


In any business, it has been proven that “The Money Is In The List!”


So don’t ignore this amazing profit-boosting, cost-effective method of advertising that could turn your entire business around.


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