Business Profit Leaks – #7: Not Having a “Mobile-Friendly” Website

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Doing business in today’s market, where wireless subscriptions are on the rise (254% in the past decade), requires actively adjusting your marketing efforts where they matter most.

With the tally of active mobile devices out-numbering the people using them, businesses that don’t offer mobile-friendly websites are losing customers to those that do cater to their mobile users.

IdealMedia Marketing's mobile site
The IdealMedia Marketing mobile site

Mobile options are critical to attracting a huge chunk of web traffic and keeping visitors on your page. In fact, nearly 25% of web-users are “mobile-only” users. This means they ONLY use their mobile devices to access the web.

But your prospects and customers don’t want to waste time waiting forever for your website to load on their mobile devices. They also don’t want to scroll through a disjointed site just to find the information they need.

When consumers run into crappy websites on their mobile devices, they simply hit the “back” button and move on to one of your competitors whose sites load properly on their mobile devices.

This is a MAJOR profit leak that can be easily fixed.

Mobile-friendly websites are optimized for smaller screens, load quickly, and get right to the point with the most important features up front.

What should you put on your mobile website? Some things to consider include information about your main product or service, prices, contact information, and location. Everything should be simply laid out and easy to navigate.

Do not overload your mobile site with too many bells and whistles. A well-designed mobile site is one that is easy to maneuver, has very few options, and has large visible navigation buttons to help your visitors find what they need.

Minimal scrolling and typing makes it convenient for those who search the web while on the go. Investing in a skilled mobile-friendly website designer will pay for itself many times over. A well-planned, mobile web presence will help you tap into a whole new audience ready to boost your profits.

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