Business Profit Leaks – #8: Not Using Social Media to Build Your Reputation

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Many businesses steer away from social media in the workplace; but they are missing out on a golden opportunity to spread the word about their product and their business. Social media can connect your goods and services with the people who need them most.

Facebook Pages (also called Fan Pages or Business Pages), for example, connect you not only with your customers but with all their friends and contacts as well, and then with their contacts’ contacts. Facebook has more than a billion users and more than half of them log on every single day.

The top sites according to Alexa.com
The top sites according to Alexa.com
Make one Facebook user happy and the word of your worth spreads out like ripples over a pool.

YouTube can add pictures and demonstrations to the word-of-mouth message sent out by Facebook fans. YouTube videos can be embedded in Facebook pages or on your business homepage or blog pages. They can also be used to post staff training videos as well as product demonstrations and inspirational material.

Your YouTube videos will also gain exposure on the YouTube.com website, which is one of the largest sites on the Internet – right behind its owner, Google. Online videos are growing at an extremely fast rate and people are starting to prefer watching online videos over reading text.

Twitter is a quick way to communicate short messages to your audience. It has a structure similar to Facebook in that each user can develop a group of followers, but focuses more on short, quick communiqués. It is a good way to spread the word about special events or happenings in your business. Build a large following on Twitter and watch your customer base explode.

Google Plus is a Google feature that resembles Facebook, but offers users the ability to sort their friend lists and target the information they share to the people who would enjoy receiving it. Users are also given the choice of allowing Google to use posted material in ads or not, which can be a huge benefit.

LinkedIn is another social network, which targets business people. Particularly if you’re in a B2B business, you can easily find groups of prospective customers on LinkedIn.

There are many other social media websites that your business should leverage if you really want to get new customers and increase sales.

Not engaging in social media is a huge profit leak that is easy to fix with a little time and effort into building your presence and followers. Once you do, you’ll be happy you did.

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