Is Your Website Profitable? [Updated for 2023]

How profitable is your website? How many leads does it generate every month? Do you follow up with your website visitors?

The IdealMedia Online Profitability Checklist was developed to help you find areas where you can improve your website’s profitability. You can download the checklist – for free – by clicking on the link below.

Online Profitability Checklist (465 downloads)


It asks 20 questions about your website – Is it indexed by the search engines? Are you using an analytics program to track your site’s performance? Are you using a conversion tool to get your visitors to sign up to a mailing list?

Why am I giving it away? Well, it has our contact details at the end. I’m hoping that you’ll contact us and take advantage of our free Online Marketing Audit, where we’ll go through the checklist with you in detail and show you how you can turn your website into a profit centre, in just a few days.

Or you can run your own website audit for free with our website audit tool.

You’re also welcome to print it out and give it to a friend!

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3 thoughts on “Is Your Website Profitable? [Updated for 2023]”

  1. Hi Derrick and Manto,

    Way to go this is great, I am busy cleaning ‘house’ online and need to get the site monetized, but the cleaning up has to be done first. Congratulations on this and good luck going into the future, I have been following you for sometime now and really enjoy the presentation of this site.

  2. Hello,

    This is very helpful, thank you so much for sharing this. I have a couple of websites that I need for me and my husband’s business, and the checklist will further help us improve them for more potential visitors/clients. It would be a lot better if the details will be further discussed, like more about the built-in credibility mechanisms, etc. I mean I really am interesting for more. Thanks for the share and be looking forward for more informative posts.


  3. I have a got to the point where I have a few websites doing ok, but I know they can do a lot better.

    And I think I’m finally at the point where I can focus more time on fine tuning now that I’ve started to make some money. To this point, until I mastered the basics, getting too specific with some of the conversion details you mention would have overloaded my circuits and I wouldn’t have gotten this far.

    But now you’re checklist is a welcome piece of information as I’m ready for this next stage of internet evolution.

    Thanks for providing it to everyone

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