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Business Visibility System – Monthly

R3,000.00 / month for 3 months


(Last Updated On: April 26, 2018)

Our Business Visibility System has one goal: to make your business more visible on the Internet.

That means more visibility in the search results and more visibility in the places your prospective clients or customers hang out, like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

It’s a three month program, which will see your website get more traffic and your business make more sales.

Here’s how it works:

Month 1: Fix Your Website

There’s no point in driving massive amounts of traffic to a website which doesn’t work properly. So our first step is always to find out what’s holding your site back – do the pages load quickly? Are there errors in the code? Are there broken links?

We’ll fix every error we come across, so that Google has no reason to penalize your site.

Month 2: Create Awesome Content

Content is what drives the Internet. Every major website depends on content – fresh, original content – to survive. Imagine a newspaper which printed the same stories every day – how many readers would it have?

The search engines also thrive on a diet for fresh content, and they reward websites which are frequently updated.

But where do you get all this original content for your website?

We’ll help you by conducting interviews with you or specialists in your organization – we’ll help you come up with a list of questions, and record your answers. We’ll transcribe your replies and release them as weekly updates on your website.

Month 3: Spread Your Message

Now that your website is working properly, and you’ve begun to add that awesome content, it’s time to let people know. We’ll start sharing your awesome content on social media sites, along with relevant articles and information that make you look like a thought leader in your market.

Here’s a breakdown of everything we’ll do:

Month 1:

– We’ll run a full site audit on your website*, which will show us exactly what needs to be fixed
– We’ll give you private access to our audit dashboard for your website so you can see our progress
– You’ll also get a weekly email report for as long as you’re signed up
– We’ll check your site’s loading speed and make corrections if necessary
– We’ll fix any serious errors on your site which could affect your search engine rankings**
– We’ll check that your Google My Business listing is correctly set up, and if not, we’ll fix it
– We’ll check that your site’s Schema markup is present and correct
– We’ll come up with a list of up to 50 keywords which we’ll track in the search results
– We’ll look at your to 5 competitors and work out what they’re doing to rank their websites
– We’ll set you up on our Website Care Program
– We’ll keep your website core software, theme and plugins updated
– We’ll set up daily backups for your site
– We’ll improve your site’s security by adding Two Factor Authentication
– If it’s not already set up, we’ll add an SSL certificate to your site

Month 2:

– We’ll continue with the Website Care Program
– You continue to get access to our audit dashboard and a weekly email report
– We’ll set up 20 local citations to help your Google My Business profile rank better
– We’ll interview you for the first four weekly content pieces
– We’ll get the interviews transcribed and post one of them on your website each week
– We’ll set up or optimize your social media profiles on the top 5 social networks
– We’ll add 10 high-authority links to your site

Month 3:

– We’ll continue with the Website Care Program
– You continue to get access to our audit dashboard and a weekly email report
– We’ll interview you for the next four weekly content pieces
– We’ll get the interviews transcribed and post one of them on your website each week
– We’ll share your new content on your social media pages
– We’ll share at least one relevant article on your social media pages every day
– We’ll add a further 10 high-authority links to your site

* Please note that we support WordPress websites only. If your site doesn’t use WordPress, you can contact us to discuss options.

** This service applies to the first 10 pages only. If you have a 500 page e-commerce site, or anything more than 10 pages, please contact us to discuss options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you guarantee rankings in the search results?

A. No, we don’t. Google is not under our control, so we can’t guarantee that your website will appear on page one of the search results. However, the methods we use are the best practices in the industry, and we’d be very surprised if you didn’t see an increase in website traffic over the three month period.

Q. What happens after three months?

A. If you’re happy with the service we provide, we can keep doing it indefinitely – website maintenance, daily backups, daily social media posting, weekly content posting and monthly link building will allow more pages on your site to rank for more keywords.





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