Stop Wasting Time

Anyone who’s read The 4-Hour Workweek
by Tim Ferriss will know that one of the keys to recovering some of your precious time is outsourcing. Tim gives examples of how he and other people have outsourced all kinds of tasks to Virtual Assistants in India or the Phillipines.

Getting visitors to your website is an area where outsourcing can work very well. Building a network of incoming links is a tedious, mundane task which you probably shouldn’t be wasting your time on. If you could get Billy down the road to spend an hour a day doing it for you, it would free up your time to do the other important things which need to be done.

It really comes down to working out what an hour of your time is worth. If someone else can do the mundane work at a fraction of the cost, why would you not get them to do it?

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