Top Search Engine Optimization Tips

Here are 4 of the top search engine optimization techniques used by SEO experts to get their clients’ websites onto the first pages of the search engine results. The tips I discuss in this post are on-page techniques – in other words, they are under your control. If your keyword phrase doesn’t appear on a …

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Search Engine Optimization Tips: Getting Indexed

The search engines use programs called “spiders” to discover new pages on the Internet. The spiders simply scan every page they know about, and find links to new pages. As they find them, new pages are added to the search engine’s database, or “index”. It stands to reason, then, that in order to appear in …

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Google Spells It Out For Webmasters

Google recently released their Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide, which I recommend you download and read if you have any interest in getting your website to rank well in the search engines. There’s nothing really new in the guide – many of the topics are already ‘best practice’ for web page optimization – but it’s …

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How To Get Your Site Indexed By Google

The Google index is like a card catalogue of websites

One of the first steps towards getting traffic to your website is to get it indexed by the major search engines – Google and Bing. Being indexed means that your domain name, or your home page, appears in the list of websites that the search engine knows about. It doesn’t mean that your site will …

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Keyword selection

Unless your prospective customer already knows who you are – think Ford, Vodacom and Coca-Cola – he or she won’t be looking for your company by name. They’ll be typing words into a search engine, like ‘plumber in Johannesburg’ or ‘Rondebosch locksmith’. The search engine will return a page showing the best results it can …

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