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More Than 30,000 Websites Are Hacked Every Day

Keep Your WordPress Website Open For Business

“There is a misconception amongst many organisations that either they will not be a target or that they have sufficient controls in place to minimise or mitigate the potential risk of a cyber-attack, providing a false sense of security to the organisation.”
~ Nathan Desfontaines, Manager, Technology Information Protection and Business Resilience at KPMG in South Africa

Is Your Website Essential To Your Business?

How important is your website to your business?

Does it generate leads, get you more customers and increase your revenues?

Do you see it as a channel for prospective customers, existing customers, suppliers, partners and potential employees to find you and connect with you?

Is it a significant factor in the success of your business?

Do you want the peace of mind that comes with knowing that it will be accessible to your audience, without interruption, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year?

No Software Is Perfect

Software needs to be kept up to date. All software. The software that runs your website is not an exception.

More than 30,000 websites all over the world are attacked by hackers every day. This includes prominent sites like Facebook and Twitter as well as thousands of smaller business sites.

Software updates are necessary to plug loopholes and defend against newly-discovered vulnerabilities.

Keeping your WordPress site hardened for security is an ongoing responsibility and will always be an issue.

Why Can’t I Just Do It Myself?

You can do it yourself. But keeping your website secure and ensuring that backups are current can be dull and time-consuming.

Technology continually changes and it’s difficult to keep up with all the new developments and trends.

Shouldn’t you rather be spending your time working on the things that really matter, like building relationships with your partners, employees and customers?

Why Can’t I Leave It To My Web Hosting Company?

Some hosting companies offer options to manage your website, keeping it up-to-date and backed up. These companies might be doing the same thing for thousands of other customers each day.

They certainly have the experience, but they probably won’t be paying much attention to the specific details of your website or your business needs. 

We’ve been using WordPress for more than 10 years, and every website we build (including this one) uses the same software.

If your website was built with WordPress, we believe that we’re in the very best position to keep your website open for business, and that the best way to do that is with one of our Website Care Programs.

What Do We Offer?

We’ll keep your WordPress website software up-to-date.
We’ll constantly monitor the security of your site to keep out hackers.
We’ll ensure that regular backups are made on secure servers so that if anything goes wrong, we can restore your site quickly.
We’ll help you with small changes and content updates across your site.

The Real Benefit Is Time

Time is the one resource that can’t be renewed. You know this has to be done; we can keep your website up-to-date and safe at a reasonable cost so that you don’t need to find the time to do it yourself.

We Are Busy

Good web developers are in demand these days, and that probably won’t change any time soon. So, to be completely honest, we only want to work with clients who appreciate the value their website brings to their business. 

Please examine the Website Care Programs below and click the button to choose the one which is most suitable.

Basic Program – R750.00 per month

If you just need regular updates and backups for your website, our Basic Program is ideal.

  • Updates: WordPress core software, theme and plugin update management
  • Backups: Daily backups stored on secure Google servers so if anything ever goes wrong we can restore your website quickly.
  • Security Monitoring:  Daily integrity monitoring and malware scanning of the files on your website.
  • CloudFlare Setup: We’ll set up and optimize a CloudFlare account for your website (see below).
  • Monthly Report: Updates, Backups and Security.
  • Small Changes and Content Updates: Up to 2 per month (does not carry over).

Premium Program – R1000.00 per month

Our Premium Program is perfect if you want a high level of protection for your website.
It includes all of the Basic Program benefits as well as:

  • Performance Optimization: We’ll tune the performance of your website so that it loads as quickly as possible.
  • Performance Monitoring: We’ll check the performance of your website daily.
  • Uptime Monitoring: Every 60 seconds, we’ll check that your site is up and running.
  • CloudFlare Setup: We’ll set up and optimize a CloudFlare account for your website (see below).
  • Monthly Report: Updates, Backups, Security, Performance, Uptime and SEO rankings.
  • Small Changes and Content Updates: Up to 4 per month (does not carry over).

Save 25% by paying annually in advance!

What is a Small Change or Content Update?

A small change or content update is a task we can accomplish in under half an hour – for example, updating a phone number, adding a new staff member profile or publishing a new blog post (provided by you). It would not include something like installing an e-commerce plugin.
There is no contract for any of these plans and you are free to upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time.
These plans are offered on a subscription basis and do need to be paid monthly or annually in advance.

Malware Removal

Our Website Care Programs keep your website updated and backed up, and notify us if any new malware is detected.

If your site gets hacked while protected by one of our programs, we’ll repair it within 24 hours.

What is CloudFlare?

CloudFlare is a global network of 102 data centres around the world, which creates a layer of protection sitting between your website visitors and your hosting provider.

It speeds up your website by serving your content from the data centre closest to your visitor.

It protects your site by blocking hackers, scrapers and spammers, and reduces the bandwidth used by your hosting account.

It also provides HTTPS security, which increases your credibility by telling your visitors that your site is secure.

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