Website Growth Strategy

Get more website visitors, make more sales

You Need To Be Everywhere.

Imagine you owned a restaurant, or an hotel, and it was 30 years ago.

You'd want to make sure that people could find it as easily as possible, right?

You'd want them to know the easiest ways to get there, what services you offered, what kind of food you served.

You'd want to make sure that your brochure was displayed in travel agencies, airports and railway stations everywhere in the country.

Websites aren't that different.

The more places on the Internet  you can get to mention your website, the better.

You need people who didn't even know you existed to be able to find your site easily.

You need those people to realize that visiting your  website is not just important - but that it'll improve their lives.

About Your Customers

The first step in your Website Growth Strategy is identifying your ideal customer. This is the person who already understands what you do, what they want and what they'll be getting.

So one of the very first things we'll do is figure out your easiest and most profitable sale.

It's essential that any visitors we send to your site are highly targeted.

Targeted visitors who closely match your ideal customer profile are more likely to buy, meaning higher conversion and sales rates. They also mean an easier, faster sales process.

WordPress helps us to make sure that your ideal, most profitable customer falls in love with your brand, your business and your website.

Getting traffic

Once we've decided who we want to target, we'll set about attracting them to your website.

There are hundreds of ways to get website visitors, and we'll focus on the methods we've found to be most effective - blog posts on your website, syndicated video content, social media and paid advertising.

We place engaging, educational and entertaining content about your business and your products in places where your perfect customers are most likely to see it.


The Fortune's In The Follow-Up

Once you're getting visitors to your website, we'll need to capture their contact information so that we can follow up and tell them more about you.

We need to create an online marketing funnel which allows you to nurture your prospective customers until they're ready to buy, as well as let active customers know what's happening in your business.

You're good at what you do.

That's why you're in business, right?

Yes, we can just build you a website. But there are thousands of web designers who can do that.

And a website is just one piece of the puzzle - like a car without petrol.

What we offer is a marketing system which works almost on auto pilot to find your perfect customers, teach them about your business and your products and build a relationship over time.

You'd be surprised how few businesses do this.

Building your business isn't just about getting more customers.

It's about how you help them and how you communicate with them. It's about turning them from buyers into advocates for your brand.

We want to help you grow your website and your business, attracting and converting profitable customers who love what you do.

Ready To Start Growing Your Business?